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Re: Reporting Drunk Drivers

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I don't remember if you were a mod back then, but you're clearly one now. I simply assumed because, quite frankly, you're a bully and I wouldn't put it past you.

Why don't we make it double or nothing so we can end this bloody feud once and for all? All I want is a some peace and bloody quiet. Clearly that is not possible with you here on the forums. I'll check back on occasion to see if you gone or not.
This is, simply put, a lie.

Locutus never gave you any shit, or at least no more than any of us. The character you liked to play started nice enough, and we wouldn't have minded a weird twist or two for effect, but your narrative grew weirder and weirder, until it blossomed into the enthralling story of a Cockney-talking, racecar driver, white-hat hacker, daredevil anti-hero, who single-handedly took down the Syrian mob in the war-ravaged streets of Stockholm, and we simply took it for the ridiculous tall tale it was.

I have no idea why you are zeroing against Locutus like it was a bloody feud or somesuch, when it was more an instance of an entire community pointing and laughing at your antics. Except maybe because he's a mod so you can play the "fighting against the Man" card again.
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