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Re: The Motion Picture question..

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I understand all of what you said and I'm not in any position to argue what you just said, but just to clear things up, I was referring to a Borg/V'Ger connection AFTER Decker 'merged' with V'Ger. At that point the usefulness, if you will, of carbon based units, became clear to V'ger, thus integrating them into their make up so to speak.
Consider what Maurice said.

Maurice wrote: View Post
Plus, to make V'ger connected to the Borg is small-universe at its worst. Space really shouldn't be the shallow end of the gene pool where everything is inbred.

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TOS isn't enough like the series or the following films to be a "fitting" first Trek movie. I still like it, but it's more like an odd AU than a piece of the puzzle.
You mean "TMP isn't" I assume. (If so, then) I agree, and that was one of the bigger problems I had with it.
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