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Re: Fast & Furious 7 - Lucas Black returns to franchise

F&F 6 was one of the biggest movies of the year, and one of Universal's only living franchises. This series will go on, no doubt about it whatsoever.

A part of me kinda hopes the producers give his tragic death the middle finger by simply recasting the role and using as much remaining Walker footage as possible, even if that means jumping from him to another actor from one scene to another. Chris Pine, for example, could slip into the part without much if any trouble. And they could always gradually shift the focus from the character by having O'Conner settle down with Mia and their kid, and not keep on adventuring.

But since they've already brought Lucas Black back into the fold, I have a feeling they'll groom him for an in-unverse replacement, because Diesel needs someone more lighthearted and easygoing to play off of. What with Han already dying, this next movie could end up being retooled into a very grimdark affair indeed.
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