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The "shill game" may work short term, but I tend to think that if I just say everything's "wonderful" when it clearly isn't, then any journalistic integrity quickly evaporates.
Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is the kind thing I'm referring to specifically:

Michael Okuda: Buy TNG Blu-ray sets to get DS9 on Blu-ray!

Michael Okuda: Visual FX in TNG yr 2 by HTV are excellent, very faithful to original, with a hint of extra polish thx to topnotch team. Watch Blus and see.

Not to single out MO, but that second statement in particular coming as blatant damage control when the dodgy TNG S2 preview screencaps began to come in cost him a lot of credibility in by eyes. The Okudas certainly add a lot to the VAM of these releases (I particularly enjoy their text commentaries), but their role as paid spokespeople leaves a bad taste. Again, pointing out the quality VAM is one thing, but blindly covering up for slipshod remastering work is quite another. I can't believe the Okudas ever sat in a screening room with those S2 transfers -- either that or they figured Trek fans will buy anything regardless of quality.
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