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Well, "End Game" was pretty mediocre, like the whole season. It flirted with being a big event, but too much of it was just a routine battle, without the Megazords even coming into play. For a moment, it looked like it was going to be the kind of cliffhanger finale they had in the early seasons, where the Rangers were left without their powers and Zords at the end of a season, to pave the way for getting new ones the following season. But instead they got their destroyed morphers conveniently restored and they were back in costume at the end.

Not only that, but there was nothing really going on character-wise either. The only one who got any remotely interesting characterization was Metal Alice. So it wasn't much of a climax from that perspective either. Overall, this has been a weak season for characterization. They haven't done anything of note with the supporting characters, Ernie and the kooky teacher. And we barely know anything more about the Rangers as people, especially Troy, then we knew in episode 1. Even Samurai had more character development than Megaforce has had.

That said, the final moments of the alien armada attacking were pretty darn impressive. Hopefully next season will be at least superficially more interesting with the Legend War/anniversary stuff kicking in. At least I hope we've seen the last of Robo Knight, whose voice was seriously annoying.
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