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FINAL POLL - November Challenge - The Spin-Off!

"I'll buy that for a dollar!"

Imagine some network executive saying that after watching a half-dozen pilots and hearing a half-dozen pitches, and you're close to The Lensman's November challenge: conceive a Star Trek spin-off series, for a character who has appeared in the actual show. It has to be a concept that could conceivably be bought and produced by a network, not just a pie-in-space idea that sounds great, but wouldn't have a chance in Talos IV of being considered, let alone picked up. And it couldn't have "Star Trek" in the title (not even as an anagram? I always wanted to see Rat Krest!).

We wined and dined The Powers That Be, trying to convince them that this was the Next Big Thing, and after many late hours and a few too many bottles of cheap champagne, they agreed to a slate of possibilities - now, we need you, our focus group, to tell us what you'd like to see next fall on the small(ish) screen:




Ensign Ro-




The Lensman


Don't change that channel! You've got 2 days to vote with your remote!
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