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Re: College Football 2013

Okay, wow. So much ground to cover with yesterday's events.

Glad to see Tennessee finish the year on a high note, even if it was against a pathetic Kentucky team. That was without question the toughest schedule in program history, and next year's doesn't look much easier.

Couldn't be happier for Coach Cutcliffe and the Duke Blue Devils. 10 wins and consecutive postseason trips for the first time since ever! Way to go, Duke!

Also happy for Missouri, going to the SEC Championship Game in only its second year as an SEC member. When the season began, everyone was thinking we'd see a rematch between Georgia and Alabama. "Not so fast, my friend!" Anarchy rules!

Now, for the insanity. I was among those screaming "What are you doing?!" at my TV when Michigan went for the two-point conversion. After thinking it over, I can see why they did it. They figured that the Buckeyes would probably prevail in OT, so they wanted to try and cinch it right there. Makes sense. Also makes my brother-in-law's family (residents of Springfield, OH and die-hard Buckeyes' fans) quite happy.

Speaking of controversial calls backfiring, how about Alabama's decision to try a 57-yard FG with their backup kicker? Nearly pulled it off, but no one saw that return coming... clearly, or they would have had men in place to block him. Kudos, Auburn. You've got to be the luckiest team in the nation in 2013. That's the stuff that champions are made of. I was rooting for Alabama because it would have been neat to see the Tide make history by winning three straight national titles, but that was one of the all-time great college football games. I'll never forget it.
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