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Re: Reporting Drunk Drivers

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Oh and you PM doesn't seem to be answerable. So I'll write here. Why don't we make it double or nothing so we can end this bloody feud once and for all? All I want is a some peace and bloody quiet. Clearly that is not possible with you here on the forums. I'll check back on occasion to see if you gone or not.

I think that he forgot that PM privileges have a minimum post count/minimum time on the board requirement attached to them.

I will send you a PM now. If you cannot respond to it by PM, please let me know in this thread. While communication by PM is the preferred method of dealing with these issues, if that doesn't work for one of the parties, we may have to explore another method.

ED to add: Nevermind. A look at your user profile confirms that you do not have the ability to send PMs yet. If you look at the main forum page, you will find that we have a forum called "Moderator Actions". I recommend that you take your greivance there. make sure that you note in the opening post that you do not have the ability to send PMs. I do have to say that I don't think you have much chance of getting your infraction overruled though. It is pretty clear cut.
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