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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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Which basically means there is going to be little way to avoid spending a bit on the series. I have the last chapter now and I can say it was worth it.

Voyager Entertainment is attempting to sell the show in North America for television distribution. The reported problem with that is that the Japan show's format is likely incompatable with American TV commercial slots. You have a show that is usually 23 and a half minutes long up to 27 or more minutes long, each formated for one commercial break. This would be highly modified to fit into a 18 to 22 minute slot worth of content with two commercial breaks. Even on Japanese TV the longer episodes were trimmed down by a minute or two and had the ending credits and song run over the final scenes of the episode.
Especially when you take a look at how long commercial breaks are here in the US. Its about 10mins of commercials for a 30min show. That means the the opening is cut along with the ending and any bits in between that is considered irrelevant to the story or to conform to the FCC regulation concerning cartoon content.

Cartoon Network would be the best bet to air it on TV here. And it would have to be on Toonami. Or it goes to a station like Stars. Or IFC (they had anime on in its original uncut format like Vandread and a few others). I can not remember the channel that had Chrono Crusade on it. I think it was Stars though.

Like I said the best bet is for it be on a channel that would not allow it to be cut to much just because of the FCC rules and Advertisers.
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