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Re: USS Kelvin Cutaway (WIP)

Ah yes, I have seen your image!
A great summary of some visual clues that establish a reliable scale. If only the scale of JJ's Enterprise was so easily understood by on-screen data.

Working on this cutaway has slowly begun to prove one thing to me: The Kelvin is actually very thoroughly designed. Lots of people like to bash the JJ ships, but Kelvin is remarkably well-planned. They didn't just "kitbash" a TOS-era ship or something lazy like that. They really put a lot of effort into harmonizing the exterior with the interior, and establishing a reliable scale. Though there are still things that bug me about the Kelvin. And in the interior cutaway, I'm trying to bring in a tiny bit more TOS flavor without doing injustice to what we see in the film.

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