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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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Ignoring the provenance of the photograph on the cover (which I don't know)...
I almost hate to open this can of worms, but that photo does appear on birdofthegalaxy's Flickr page... Not sure who did the restoration or if any credit was given of course; just FWIW.

Also (and I'm so not fixated on this subject) that particular photo to me is the most obvious example of Shatner's hairpiece being visible on camera anywhere. The way the back is combed seems to clearly show the actual hairline, and the lighting makes the piece in front appear a different color. There's a thread in another section about Trek's forced perspective sets and how they were often shot from incorrect angles that spoiled the illusion; to my eye Shatner's hair was clearly not meant to be shot from this angle. Perhaps so early in the series they didn't know any better.

When I saw the revised cover, I recognized the photo immediately for that reason and thought, "They didn't really use that shot for the new cover, did they?" Honestly this book is so perplexing to me on so many levels (artistic, technical, factual, ethical, business, etc.) I can't figure out whether to buy it or not.

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