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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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Okay, dislike the scheme for the secondary hull all you want, but that's about the 15th version I tried over three solid days of working on this, including Thanksgiving day, so you might want to reconsider your choice of the word "lazy." Besides which, I like it. I won't guarantee I won't change it after I look at it from some different angles, but I think it's gonna work out fine.
Perhaps I should have just stuck with "arbitrary" then. The ship is beautiful, and no matter what choices you make going into the final stretch here I don't think that will change. It never hurts an artist to ask them to justify those choices though. Every other dark section of the ship is a distinctly separate section and appears to be that way for some purpose or another. My immediate question upon looking at this was "why would they paint just that section black?" Why not echo the tops of the nacelles by placing it on the bottom of the hull? Why not remove the windows there and inset it like all the other black areas?

Hopefully you can accept my repeated nitpicking as constructively as I intend it.
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