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Re: Trip Asking for Prime Rib

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If I don't eat this food it will suffer and die!

:: applies theory to chocolate ::
Personally I exclusively eat plants as a way to save the world - they're all secretly Triffids, you know. I'm doing you all a favour
One day I am so going to laugh my ass of if we find out that plants are sentient beings. What would Vegans do then? Move to Vega?
Eh, we do the best we can. So far, plants are not known to be sentient, and there's no credible scientific evidence suggesting otherwise that I know of, so I guess we're cool for the moment
In other words, we'll cross that bridge if it comes up

(In other words - omnivores choose to eat other animals, but not humans. Vegans choose to eat plants, not animals. We all make our lines in the sand, right?
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