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Re: Reporting Drunk Drivers

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Syrian, not serious.

Are we really pretending like you don't known what I'm referencing, totally new person who's never been here before?
Oh I know what you're referencing. I also know that you still seem to be the same childish prick you've been for years. Why do you just bugger off? I really don't have the energy or the willpower to deal with you. You're a mod and you still haven't laerned to stay on topic?

Oh, btw. Since one the twat in question didn't even have the decency to send an email. Can I assume you were the one who banned me last time? Or was it someone else?
M'Sharak was nice enough to bring this to my attention:

So, you knew that you had trouble logging in after changing emails and had created a dual to post in MA, but then acted like I maliciously banned you when you knew all this nonsense with your email happened? Why, to be more dramatic? You stay classy, Warrior of the Web.

Oh, and normally I'd leave it up to one of my co-mods to handle it since this situation involves me, but it's a pretty clear cut flame.

So, infraction for flaming. Comments to PM.
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