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Remembrance of the Daleks feels more like an anniversary anyway. It's set in 1963 and has all kinds of nods to An Unearthly Child. Aside from airing on the anniversary, Silver Nemesis isn't really much of a celebration.
No argument there. SN's attempt to be anniversary-relevant is pretty lame -- there's a comet that comes by every 25 years and last time was in November 1963 and its baleful influence somehow provoked the Kennedy assassination, which happened just before Doctor Who premiered. Oh, and it has Cybermen, because it's the "silver" anniversary, get it, huh, huh? It feels like they just stuck in whatever contrived anniversary links they had left after "Remembrance" snapped up all the good ones. I don't get why they didn't just make "Remembrance" the anniversary serial.

Well, maybe it's because "Nemesis" introduced the seeds of the Cartmel Masterplan, so they wanted to kick off the new story arc at the anniversary.
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