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Re: DS9 on blu ray?

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Thanks FrontierTrek for not using your proximity to the Trek Remastered projects to play the "shill game" as some others have by exhorting fandom to buy every current HD release to "support" the release of DS9 in HD. You and TrekCore are a credit to the franchise, which you promote through unique and compelling features rather than mindless hype. On a semi-related note, I for one am looking forward to the BOBW screencaps and EAS' incorporating them into its Wolf 359 ship analyses.
I appreciate the comments, Joe. The "shill game" may work short term, but I tend to think that if I just say everything's "wonderful" when it clearly isn't, then any journalistic integrity quickly evaporates. Hence the reason you won't see us copy/pasting press releases on Star Trek dog accessories, shower curtains or wine glasses!!

The whole concept with TrekCore is to *avoid* the mindless hype. I got so sick of reading copy/paste press releases on the big fan sites - I'd much rather go the extra mile to cover something properly, and produce an article which I - as a fan - would enjoy reading.

Yes! BOBW screencaps will be coming soon, along with the companion article from our partners at EAS.

Everyone should keep in mind that DS9 -- and VOY, and every Trek series regardless of popularity -- comprise an extremely valuable property for CBS and they must make it available in HD in order to continue to monetize it in the future. How that is done (rather than if it will be done) is the real question, but with the bar set quite high with the TNG-R project I personally doubt we'll get an SD upscale (ala X-Files, Farscape, et al) but it is certainly possible, at least in terms of the CGI VFX in later seasons. (...)
Yep. Star Trek is CBS's tentpole property. Of course they want it in HD, they'd be crazy not to. It will get there - the question is just when and how.

CBS-D certainly has people with the passion to do DS9 in HD right; they just need the go ahead (and the $$$) from CBS corporate to do that.
Absolutely. The team there is incredible, and beyond that - a genuinely nice group of people to be around. They care about the fans, they want to do the best they can, and they don't stop until they get as close to "perfect" as they're allowed to with the constraints of time and money.
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