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Re: The Doctor Who Mythos

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Both Remembrance of the Daleks and Day of the Doctor were intended as anniversary episodes so they call back to the first episode. If the second episode had the school in it, it never would have reappeared. I don't think being nostalgic counts as introducing an element. When it appears in a random episode that has no reason to feature it, then it'll be a reoccurring element. But the sole purpose of using that exact location is to say "hey look, that's the school that was in An Unearthly Child."

ETA: Speaking of Remembrance, does the Dalek Civil War count as a reoccurring element? I can't remember which episode it appeared in, though.
The Dalek civil war although in a different form was first seen in The Evil Of The Daleks, butthet introduction of Davros in Genesis changed all that. And I disagree if something that's been introduced plays a part in the storyline then it's a element of the show.
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