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Re: DS9 on blu ray?

Mage wrote: View Post
Didn't I read somewhere that they don't have to redo all the CGI? That a lot of the scenes were still on a back-up owned by one of the old artists of the company who did the CGI?

Or am I misremembering now?
You most likely read that at my article on DS9 HD a while back. Yes, that's true - a lot are. But accounting for everything? That's a tough job. Plus, the stuff they do have - what state is it in? Is it complete? Which elements are missing? How easy are they to recreate? What holds up? What needs to be re-textured?

There are so many unknowns and so many potential problems. It ain't an easy proposition!

Jefferies wrote: View Post
Is that really a forgone conclusion? DS9 doesn't make the full switch to CGI until season 6. Furthermore, the price would surely depend on the quality of the CGI. [...]
Also wont several aspects of the remastering be cheaper a second time round? They must have streamlined and gotten more efficient with TNG. A nother cost cutting factor is that it will be 3 years down the line from when they started TNG so rendering power will be cheaper. Thus, I think if budgeted wisely they could probably pull something off at a similar price tag if not less.
Yes, it's a forgone conclusion.

True, they've become so much more streamlined, and the everyday scanning and building of episodes along with compositing and "basic" CG is not a problem. But again, DS9's CG is NOT basic. The problem isn't in creating something at the same difficulty level, the problem is MATCHING the CG that was already done.

Definitely a higher budget. Without any doubts.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
If DS9 went all-CGI in the last couple of seasons, then why does the second Defiant still have the original NX-74205 registry? Don't tell me it would have broken the bank to just fix that one thing. How important can "stock footage" still be, in the age of universal CGI?

At least they can, conceivably, fix this in DS9-R.
It didn't go ALL CG. It went 95% CG. They still used physical models, right up to the last episode. Mostly, it's a mish-mash. Again, this makes things very complicated.
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