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I never said 9 million per series. TNG had a 9 million budget. Any budget for DS9 or Voyager would automatically be higher due to the seriously increased workload from re-doing the CG.
Is that really a forgone conclusion? DS9 doesn't make the full switch to CGI until season 6. Furthermore, the price would surely depend on the quality of the CGI. It doesn't have to be state of the art if that would be the thing that prevented them from doing it at all. Also wont several aspects of the remastering be cheaper a second time round? They must have streamlined and gotten more efficient with TNG. A nother cost cutting factor is that it will be 3 years down the line from when they started TNG so rendering power will be cheaper. Thus, I think if budgeted wisely they could probably pull something off at a similar price tag if not less.
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