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Re: Forced perspective, painted backdrops and the refit Enterprise

Wow, I am really missing out by not having that Making of TMP in my collection - something to remedy soon I think
The apparent length of the corridor depicted in the painted backdrop is very close to the long corridor outside the Transporter Room (with just a couple of tweaks) and I strongly suspect it was used as the model.
Although I estimate 5 feet for the lower Engine Room, I'd be very interested in learning the actual floor depth as it really seems less than the one shown in TNG and TUC. Would the TV series really have excavated another 2' of stage out on their budget? I honestly don't know! But it would make more sense to have been there all along, just filled with backlight machinery. IMHO.

CorporalCaptain &Christopher - You're right of course about it being a personal interpetation of the footage - I got a little too "Thermian" back there stating it as fact.

I would argue that screen graphics be exempt from the need for squinting though, since they exist to provide certain information rather than a scale-accurate picture. There's a similar "erroneous" graphic on the wall of the TNG Bridge (the width of the saucer is reduced to better fit it all in). I think the graphic shape is duplicated on the table in Engineering, but in both cases these are technical diagrams, not scale blueprints.

I hope one thing we can agree on is that the FP effect was spoiled on too many occasions by the wrong sort of camera angles.

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And the number of TOS Engine Rooms is definitely a discussion for another thread!
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