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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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So let's say it works, because God knows that something like this is going to wonderfully difficult, how is MS going to charge these licenses then? You see, I don't know how this would work. I really don't, does this mean I can't watch a movie with four people in the same room or that I can't share the movie via the cloud with four people? Without the information necessary to understand what really is going to happen with digital distributed media, we are left in the dark with Microsoft!

The only people that know for sure would be those at Microsoft. But the way I understood it was that when you rent a digitally downloaded movie, it would have an allowed number people in the license, so let's say for example, it allowed 4 people. Then a buddy drops by, and then suddenly you have 5 in the room together which the Kinect can see and says: "Sorry Dave, I can't let you do that!", stopping the movie.

So, MS has no intention of using it now, but the scary part is that it's been thought about at all. That's pretty draconian.

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Kinect, theoretically, would be way, way more valuable to advertisers than tracking cookies. A tracking cookie can't monitor a users emotional state or heart rate while viewing content, the new Kinect supposedly can. Trackers can't monitor your eyeballs to determine whether an ad attracts the user's attention or not, while Kinect supposedly can. Trackers can't tell how many people are in the room, nor hear and analyse what they're talking about, while Kinect can. Advertisers would love to have access to the data from such a device.
You know, putting it that way, it sounds like the Nielsens would love it for being able to track people's reactions when watching TV. Would be a very valuable vector of information. Imagine if this version of Kinect were available during last season's Game of Thrones' Red Wedding? Also useful during sweeps weeks and season/series finales.

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