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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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Actually those spacesuited figures are all servo-activated with lots of joint motion built into them, kind of an electric version of the puppet stuff Apogee did later for LIFEFORCE.
Oops I stand corrected.
Either way though they aren't used to show walking, which is a motion that is very hard to get right with marionettes. So it still lends credence to the fact the saucer shot was done with the actors from way high up in the rafters of the soundstage, not puppets on a scale model.

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The guy doing the backflip on the dock looks really good though, I've always thought that was probably live-action. Trumbull did have the suits for the live-action and a control arm pole that went into one of them set up so he could flip a person and control him like the performer was a mo-con miniature.
According to Doug Drexler, there was a very large puppet of a person (2 feet tall) in a space suit. That apparently was used for the flipping dude over Epsilon 9. It also had a Kirk head in the suite at one point, Andy Probert repainted it later on to look like himself for fun, as well as the color scheme of the suit itself (from orange to beige).

The backflip guy is a guy - he's on an enlarged "beam" from the Drydock. I've seen the pictures.

And he's really good, he keeps showing off in the next movie!
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