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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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Meh, I like change when it comes to technology and the like. That's why I like WIndows 8. Different.
Difference doesn't always lead to improvement though. Change that makes things better is a good thing, change for the sake of change is a waste of resources.

Modern automobiles don't just get you to Point B anymore. They do entertainment and fun.
But if you're looking for a family entertainment system you don't buy a car, even if that car has entertainment features. You buy a car because you want a car, the entertainment stuff is just a bonus. The same holds true for games consoles, people buy them because they're looking for something to play games on, the media functionality is something extra. Not many non-gamers were going to purchase an Xbox One for its media functionality, but that seems to have been MS's strategy in the beginning.

I find the Kinect far superior, at least I don't need a damn wand and mine follows me just fine.
I guess this might be a preference thing. I prefer wands, wands have buttons, and buttons are irreplaceable for most games.

Google and Facebook and even the BBS does that job easilly, it is illogical to assume that they would use the Kinect to do the same job that computers and web servers can do without it. How could they do that? Why would they do that? Through games. Not stuff like this.
Kinect, theoretically, would be way, way more valuable to advertisers than tracking cookies. A tracking cookie can't monitor a users emotional state or heart rate while viewing content, the new Kinect supposedly can. Trackers can't monitor your eyeballs to determine whether an ad attracts the user's attention or not, while Kinect supposedly can. Trackers can't tell how many people are in the room, nor hear and analyse what they're talking about, while Kinect can. Advertisers would love to have access to the data from such a device.

I have, on my computer, a webcam, as many of us do. Do I believe that somebody at Samsung, Skype, Facebook, or Microsoft can hack it and watch me type this? Yes. Anybody can hack anything if they want to. The question is why.
I've already said that I don't believe MS would bother to actually watch its users using the camera. But the Kinect is not a normal camera, and unless you have a really expensive webcam the two things don't compare. Kinect doesn't just capture images, it analyses them and can determine mood and behaviour. I've already provided a short list of ways in which MS could use this to collect reams of data to sell to advertisers, so there is a potential motive for why for why they would.

I still don't actually believe they would, it would be a legal and PR minefield. But it's definitely something I can understand being wary of.

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I really don't, does this mean I can't watch a movie with four people in the same room or that I can't share the movie via the cloud with four people? Without the information necessary to understand what really is going to happen with digital distributed media, we are left in the dark with Microsoft!
MS have said they have no intention of implementing such a system, and tech companies patent things like this all the time so as to prevent their rivals from patenting it first. But it is an example of how Kinect could be abused in the future, theoretically.

One thing holding MS back would be that the Kinect still isn't good enough to determine how many people are in a room or not. This segment of the Giant Bomb livestream last week is telling as the Kinect mistook a lamp for a person. I'd hate to have to pay more to watch a movie because of my lamp.

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I see that Microsoft's stellar marketing blitz (to apparently try and ensure the failure of their product and the permanent tarnishing of their brand) is still continuing unabated. Whatever next? No toilet breaks lest you incur the wrath of the almighty Kinnect?

PLAYER: This is a great game, but I need a dump.

KINNECT: No one said you could leave the room!
If you haven't seen it, try viewing an episode of Black Mirror called 15 Million Merits. It's set in a dystopian future where everyone lives in a room surrounded by screens while monitored by cameras at all times. If a person closes their eyes or refuses to look at an ad, an alarm goes off until they resume watching. The episode was inspired by Kinect and the creeping gamification of society.
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