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For two weeks NBC has been teasing that Dracula was going to slice open Jonathan's neck publicly. And when we got to that scene... someone (Mina, maybe?) only dreamed it.
I saw it as a representation of Dracula's own first impulse of what to do when Jonathan tried to cut in. That kind of fakeout shot is often used to represent the mind's-eye view of a character who wants to inflict violence on someone but keeps that urge in check. It's a way of dramatizing that Dracula was within a hair's breadth of actually killing Jonathan for daring to come between him and Mina.
Yes, that was my interpretation too. That was Dracula visualizing killing Jonathan, not Mina. It was the show's way of letting us know what Dracula was really feeling at that moment, and just how close his murderous impulses are to the surface.

(DEXTER pulled this trick occasionally, letting us in on the murderous fantasies behind his placid exterior. And so does BATES MOTEL.)

I don't think Mina is quite at the point where she would be worrying/fantasizing about "Grayson" killing Jonathan, sexy bedroom dreams notwithstanding.
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