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Yeah, the show is getting better. I am deeply sick of torture scenes as a story device, but Neve McIntosh's monologue to Renfield beforehand was very well-written and well-acted. And there was some excellent direction and camera composition in the Renfield POV shots in the flashback.

I've even warmed somewhat to Jessica DeGouw since the first couple of episodes. I like her better when she's smiling and warm than when she's trying to play a dark, hardened character like Huntress on Arrow. She's not one of the standouts of the cast, but then, neither is Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

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For two weeks NBC has been teasing that Dracula was going to slice open Jonathan's neck publicly. And when we got to that scene... someone (Mina, maybe?) only dreamed it.
I saw it as a representation of Dracula's own first impulse of what to do when Jonathan tried to cut in. That kind of fakeout shot is often used to represent the mind's-eye view of a character who wants to inflict violence on someone but keeps that urge in check. It's a way of dramatizing that Dracula was within a hair's breadth of actually killing Jonathan for daring to come between him and Mina.
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