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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

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I never realized there was an episode that was basically a remake of TNG's "The Next Phase" with Hoshi. The episode with Trip on the hot planet with the dehydrated alien was pretty good, but it sort of reminded me of a cross between Darmok and Enemy Mine.
"Dawn" is indeed an "Enemy Mine"/"Darmok" ripoff. And in my opinion "Precious Cargo" is a horrible mix of TNG's "The Perfect Mate" and TOS's "Elaan of Troyius".

But the worst example is season 3's "Doctor's Orders". It is almost exactly the same story as Voyager's "One".

On the subject of Blu-ray; I'm thinking about buying, but I already have all seasons on DVD. Is it really worth it on a 32'' TV?
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