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Re: Casting a Gender-Switched Enterprise

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And though you can't tell it, in that shot, she's got some very beefy thighs. It bugged me alot, that costume didn't lower her skirt, or throw something over them to kind of de-emphasize this fact.
She's playing bicycle spokes as a musical instrument, but a little spreading out on the thighs in a flat sitting position (which is rarely flattering for anyone even if you have twigs for legs) is what bugs you "a lot" there and needs to be hidden away?

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I suppose one could call me especially demanding, but I really don't think so. Actresses are supposed to be very photogenic, extremely attractive and built for Sin. I mean, let's face it, there are very few "realistic" looking character actresses under 40, for good reason. Would Jolene Blalock have been cast as T'Pol, if she'd had a butt like a bag of cottage cheese?
You're especially demanding (which is frankly a very polite way of putting it). Obviously, everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I find her very photogenic and attractive, and not at all "beefy" in spite of your attempts to depict her as unfit for television. I'll leave "built for sin" off, since that taking the only thinking of women as sex objects discussion way beyond what's already happening here.

You are also conflating the ultra-thin type of actresses that are often cast today with their TOS counterparts, which were curvier, more typical of the women in audience, but no less attractive to most people if we're to judge by the number of threads complementing the beauty of the women of TOS in said forum. That being said, there are plenty of attractive curvier women on TV today as well, so your assertion that they have no place there is inaccurate too.
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