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Re: Movie Caption Contest #239: Ready for Anything

Cochrane: "Minidisc? That'll never catch on," they said. "They're the 8-tracks of the digital age," they said. Well, who's laughing now, huh? Who's laughing now!

Picard: You're not afraid that Antonia will associate these eggs with fertility and her innate desire to have kids, are you?

Kirk: I wasn't until right now. Okay, forget the eggs, I've got some big, juicy sausages.

Picard: But, won't she associate those sausages with...

Kirk: If there's a God, she will. You may want to go pop into someone else's Nexus reality for a bit.

Picard: Five minutes enough time?

Kirk: ...yes.

Kelly: ...and another thing, Bill, you might want to warn a guy before you cancel the Craft Services cart and draft one of your actors to cook in order to save money.
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