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Re: Dracula - NBC

I love how wonderfully deceptive this series' promos are.

For two weeks NBC has been teasing that Dracula was going to slice open Jonathan's neck publicly. And when we got to that scene... someone (Mina, maybe?) only dreamed it. (Another misleading promo was for two episodes back, where they kept hinting that Dracula's secret was out and he was going to be hunted -- except it turned out that Dracula's just introduced lieutenant was hunted and killed instead.)

The flashbacks to how Dracula met Renfield were nice. And I really hoped Dracula made the Order's torturer suffer for what she'd done.

The rest of the episode didn't captivate me in quite the same way, because it was set-up for things that will pay off later -- Dracula's revenge on the Order for their attack on Renfield, the Order's recruitment of Harker, etc. I'm not even sure where Lady Jayne's loyalties lie at this this point, and I wonder if Dracula could actually get her to turn on the Order now that she knows that Renfield was tortured.
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