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Re: Movie Caption Contest #239: Ready for Anything

Cochrane: It's a DVD of That Thing You Do, the film Tom Hanks decided to make instead of this. Lets put it on and see if he made the right choice!

Mr. Shatner's Divaesque demands on the set of Generations included having Patrick Stewart make him breakfast every day.

Shatner: Welcome to the Star Trek V wrap party!

Nimoy: It's awfully quiet Bill... where is everybody else?

Shatner: It's strange, they all had things come up at the last second. Walter has been cast as the lead in a major motion picture; Nichelle was washing her hair; George has a date with a hot babe and Jimmy... now let me get this right... jimmy said "I hate you Bill, I hate your film and I'd rather have a rectal exam from a gorilla than socialise with you".

Kelly: Still, more booze for the rest of us!
Goldbug gets that crushing feeling in my look at Toy Soldiers! Part 1!

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