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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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The DS9 model isn't all that impressive -- the fusion reactor was glued on at an offset angle of about 20 and the three deflector arrays on Ops weren't aligned correctly, so I had to fix both of those faults myself. The tower antennae were also missing from Ops but given the scale (1:10000)
Anyone else in the UK received theirs yet? If so, are you seeing the same issues?
I saw my mates last night who has these on subscription and his DS9 looked great, I wouldn't say it's issues per say, just the poster being exceptionally picky.
Well, that the model looked like it was a Friday afternoon job probably coloured my impression. Thankfully, it wasn't that well glued together so that I could fix it without breaking it. If the model were made by child labourers in a sweatshop in China (I don't know that is the case -- let's assume it's not), I should probably thank my lucky stars that I have nothing more to gripe about than a bit of haphazard assembly in my non-essential trinket.
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