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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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Pioneer 10 shrieking in agony upon being struck by blaster fire was both anthropomorphic and comical. The probe being hard to hit was also comical, as was Klaa's targeting scope. The scene was infuriating, because of its high level of banality, like most of STV.
Ain't that the truth? Most shockingly of all is that this came from William "let's make it more theatrical" Shatner, himself! How the hell does he come out with something so lame, of all people? Even if he doesn't really "get" STAR TREK, himself, nevermind all that ... it shouldn't have owed for spectacle and over-the-top performances. I know that Shatner's cited "studio interference," basically, but I don't really buy that. But what a perfect, one-worded description for STAR TREK V ... "banal." It really does sum it up, quite nicely, doesn't it?
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