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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

From the patent itself, the relevant part I believe:

[0037] Once the presentation begins at 326, the users in the field of view may change over the course of the presentation. Users may enter or leave the display area of a display device, for example. At 328, the display area for the display device is re-scanned. At 330, a determination is made as to whether the consuming user count has changed. Again, the content provider based on information provided to the content provider by the display device may perform step 330. In such embodiments, the content provider performs step 330. At 332, a comparison of the user count and any view or performance limitation against that allowed by the license is again made. If the license is exceeded, the process moves to step 338 to offer an opportunity to change the license terms. If the count has not changed, a determination is made at 334 whether performance of the content has been completed.
So let's say it works, because God knows that something like this is going to wonderfully difficult, how is MS going to charge these licenses then? You see, I don't know how this would work. I really don't, does this mean I can't watch a movie with four people in the same room or that I can't share the movie via the cloud with four people? Without the information necessary to understand what really is going to happen with digital distributed media, we are left in the dark with Microsoft!
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