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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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I wonder: were movies like Final Frontier, Nemesis and Insurrection victims of fan boredom or fan rage? How meaningful a distinction is that?
As a brand new Trek fan in December 1979 - I loved the movie - the fan anger I kept meeting in my early days of fandom was very disturbing. While many were welcoming of brand new members, there was still scathing criticism of ST:TMP and it always felt directed at me. "You can't call yourself a Star Trek fan if you haven't see the good stuff that came before. And if you'd been there at the beginning, you'd agree with us that TMP is terrible."

As a well-travelled fan by the time of ST V, we followed the rumours throughout production and ran a "special sealed section" in our regular newsletter. On opening night we had little choice than to take the film more as a satire. We had a great time, but it was at Shatner's expense.

But yes, some new and much older fans loved this film and said it was closer to the Trek of old.

I loved TMP. I saw it five times in the theatre, and on two of those occasions I'd dragged my family along, plus some of my grandmother's friends (my grandmother was a William Shatner fan). I do feel a bit sorry for the fans who have never seen this movie as it was meant to be seen - on a big theatre screen. The experience is completely different from seeing it on TV.

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the only thing I was angry about was when the Klingon used the Voyager probe for target practice.
It was a Pioneer. And the scriptwriters wanted you to be angry.
Thank you for clarifying. For some reason I recalled it as being one of the other Voyager probes, but yeah, it's even worse for them to destroy one of the Pioneer ones... I know I'm anthropomorphizing, but I feel some degree of affection for those probes, traveling so far from earth and being so lonely out there without even a single scrap of contact with Earth.

I guess a lot of audience members didn't realize they were supposed to be angry. I remember feeling appalled at how some people thought it was a huge joke. But then I guess they hadn't read Carl Sagan's books and articles about these probes and how much time and effort went into designing them, making them work, and getting them launched - never mind actually getting all that lovely data back.

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The new movies have all new actors playing slightly different versions of the original cast. That's very similar enough to a reboot that I don't have a problem calling it a reboot. It's not the purest version of a reboot though, not with Prime Spock, Nero destroying Vulcan, etc, and those are exciting and interesting changes imo.
And much easier to explain/accept than switching Saaviks in midstream.
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Good point about Saavik. I just accept that roles get recast and never worried about it much, and I liked both actors in the role in their own way. I think Kirstie Alley had more of an edge to her, and Robin Curtis's Saavik seems more sweet, in a weird Vulcan way.
Robin Curtis' Saavik... sweet???

I thought she had all the appeal of a piece of cardboard... no personality whatsoever, whereas Kirstie Alley's Saavik was an actual, relatable character. But regardless of the actress, Saavik's part in the movie trilogy continued on seamlessly from movie to movie. The only real WTF moment came in TVH, when they're on Vulcan, it's three months later, and only then is Saavik getting around to mentioning to Kirk that his son saved her life and died bravely. She couldn't have spared a minute to tell him that before?
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