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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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I wonder: were movies like Final Frontier, Nemesis and Insurrection victims of fan boredom or fan rage? How meaningful a distinction is that?
Personal experience?

STV: "Why are they putting seatbelts in the theaters? To keep people from leaving". It wasn't so much anger as disappointment. They offer up this premise that was both big and classic TOS in style--Kirk meets God--and everything was just meh.

Insurrection: Hey looks it's a TNG story...that we've seen a half dozen times on the show.

Nemesis: I paid $7.50 for this?
And that's not to mention the fan rage against Voyager and Enterprise and (to a slightly lesser extent) DS9 on television.

Let's face it - a very small but very vocal minority of Trek fans has always instinctively hated the "Trek of the moment" no matter what it was, simply because it wasn't the "Trek they were familiar and comfortable with" - whether that be TOS, TNG, etc.

Personally I've been a Trek fan since TOS, and I think the last two movies were among the best. And one of the nicest things - with both Trek (09) and STID, I saw them in a theater full of moviegoers who loved it, cheered the crew on and enjoyed every moment of the film. There was applause at the end credits.

Contrast that with Nemesis or Insurrection, which I saw (on the opening weekend) in near-empty theaters and slunk out afterwards basically embarrassed to be seen at the Star Trek movie.
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