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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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Because they want to know if you're drinking Coca Cola or Pepsi while gaming so that they can do demographic research to sell on to marketing companies. They want to know what adverts hold your attention while watching live TV. They want to know how many people are in the room so that you don't invite too many friends over to watch a downloaded movie. This isn't crazy conspiracy material, Microsoft literally has patents on all this stuff. Kinect has the potential to be a marketing goldmine.
Not to mention that they've warned people that they would get banned for cussing via Kinect. I think it might of been mentioned in this thread

Kruezerman wrote: View Post
How could they do that? Why would they do that?

It's true. They have a patent that would technically allow them to prevent more than the allowed number of people watching a movie. Here's an article that refers to it. It's an older article, yet it's likely more relevant now given the new Kinect's features:

The important part:
Basically, when you buy or rent something like a movie, you'll only be granted a "license" for a certain number of people to watch it. If Kinect detects more people in the room than you had a license for, it can stop the movie, and even charge you extra.
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