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Re: Why Star Trek Sucks

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There was the T'Kumbra.
Yeah there were two or three examples of non-Earth specific ship names...and like 150 examples of Earth-specific ones. The point stands. You had the Gandhi, the Tolstoy, the Crazy Horse, the Melbourne, the Cairo, the Yosemite, the Yorktown, the Yellowstone, the list is endless. To anyone who isn't a human, these names are meaningless.

I get that the reason is to make the show more familiar and relatable to a (primarily) American audience, but it comes at the expense of in-universe realism and makes Starfleet come across as being the sole domain of humanity.

There's always a trade-off. Like using alien species as metaphors for social issues often comes at the expense of having them be one-note and homogenous.
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