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Re: Missing episode recoveries history

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Hope it's okay to bump this thread, but I didn't want to start a new one for this question:

Was episode 1 of "The Mind Robber" still missing after the rest had been recovered? I just watched it on Netflix streaming, and I'm pretty certain I've never seen part 1 before. Watching the episodes in "movie" format on PBS, I remember the story beginning with the TARDIS exploding in the black void and Jamie and Zoe clinging to the console, which is the start of part 2. So was episode 1 missing in the '80s, or was there another reason it wasn't included in the "movie" edit distributed at the time?
Mind Robber 1 was recovered in 1978, and I first saw it at the NFT weekend in October 83 along with the rest of the story. Never heard of a movie edit that skipped it, but in view of the Planet/Daleks without part 3 and the five part version of Inv-Dinos I guess there might have been one. Did you see Dominators then? Maybe part one ran as an add-on to that?
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