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Re: Missing episode recoveries history

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Hope it's okay to bump this thread, but I didn't want to start a new one for this question:

Was episode 1 of "The Mind Robber" still missing after the rest had been recovered? I just watched it on Netflix streaming, and I'm pretty certain I've never seen part 1 before. Watching the episodes in "movie" format on PBS, I remember the story beginning with the TARDIS exploding in the black void and Jamie and Zoe clinging to the console, which is the start of part 2. So was episode 1 missing in the '80s, or was there another reason it wasn't included in the "movie" edit distributed at the time?
Might it be confusion on the part of your PBS Station? The following is from about half way down this Wiki page: The Mind Robbers Wikipedia

Working titles for this story included Man Power, Another World and The Fact of Fiction. The Mind Robber was originally composed of four episodes, but the preceding serial, The Dominators, was reduced from six to five episodes. This resulted in a sparse first episode being written, as they had to use the limited budget of the replaced episode. This stretching of the story also resulted in the first four episodes only running between 19 and 22 minutes in length, and Episode 5 being the shortest Doctor Who episode ever at slightly over 18 minutes.
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