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Re: Why Star Trek Sucks

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And you know what? She's totally 100% correct. Despite the Federation being made up of over 150 planets, Starfleet seems to be >95% humans.
Starfleet is the American Navy in space, with a dash of Royal Navy romance thrown in. This was true of TOS and just as true (despite the more cuddly, UN-friendly veneer they tried to give it) of TNG. Earth is a benign hegemony over the member planets of the Federation in the same way that America is seen (by itself and sometimes others) as in benign hegemony over the "free world."

The ships aren't just given Earth names. Most of them are American Navy ship names. Lincoln is described in TOS as an "early Earth President." The universe they venture forth into is arguably an analogue of the world from an American Navy vantage point, which leads to some of its limitations: there is one overwhelming power of self-evident obvious goodness (albeit getting more and more anxious about questions of internal corruption) with a few worthy but minor allies, pitted against a strange and often incomprehensible wider world whose peoples are backward and not-backward in proportion to their resemblance to oneself, and where some are just hostile for no good reason at all.
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