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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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What you find credible has no bearing on reality.
A dose of reality follows. Here you pretend you don't know why Khan should be anything like himself, which is ridiculous on its face, but whatever:

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You still haven't told me why you think this Khan should ressemble the other Khan in any way.
Here you act as if this is some unanswerable question and something I'm trying to "avoid", which is completely absurd given my posts on the subject since 2009:

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I suspect you can't because you painted yourself in a corner, and are now trying to avoid the issue by addressing me instead of it.
And here it turns out that you knew what the deal was all along:

Belz wrote:
it splinters from the previous timeline
So it seems like you're playing games at this point, unless you really don't get how "splinters from the previous timeline" does not mean "everything is up for grabs".
All right, enough. Argue the points, but if that can't be managed without taking petty swipes at each other, then take it to PM or take it off-board altogether. It doesn't belong here.
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