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Re: Why Star Trek Sucks

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Hey now what about the Shakespeare quoting erudite Klingons of TUC?

Those ones were the best.
Speaking of TUC, one criticism I've always had with Trek was elucidated quite nicely in Star Trek 6 during the dinner scene. Chekov makes an off-hand comment about all alien civilizations have a claim to "inalienable human rights", and Gorkon's daughter calls him a racist and mentions that the Federation is nothing but a "Homosapiens Only club."

And you know what? She's totally 100% correct. Despite the Federation being made up of over 150 planets, Starfleet seems to be >95% humans.

Now that might not be the case within the fictional universe, but that is how it's portrayed on TV. I would say TNG was especially guilty of this. Amongst the "background extras" and the crew who weren't main cast members, how many aliens did we ever see? I get that there's practical considerations involved, that there's a time/money cost associated with putting actors in the makeup chair for several hours just for the sake of visual diversity, but still. To the viewer, Starfleet looks very much like a Homosapiens only club in TOS and TNG.

And even the ship names are almost exclusively people/places/things from Earth. What, Starfleet can't name a ship after some famous historical Tellarite figure or some major city on Andoria? Tolstoy gets a Starfleet ship named after him, as if any alien in the 24th century even knows who the hell Tolstoy is.
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