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Re: Star Trek - Horizon (Enterprise Feature-Length Fan Film)

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I have added your planned Fan Film to my list of Star Trek Fan Films being worked on by Filmmakers who have not yet produced any Star Trek Fan Films. . You are currently (H). When you release a film (or several films) over 10 minutes in length that tells a whole story (it can have some threads that carry on to another episode, but it has to be a whole story, not the first of several parts) you will be given a page dedicated to your Star Trek Fan Film work. See, for example, Star Trek: Phase II and Star Trek: The Romulan Wars: .

I look forward to watching your film and publicizing its release!

Your accent is North American, but I would also like to add your planned production to the Star Trek Fan Filmmaker's map, vis; . For that purpose, I would appreciate a location, e.g., Boston, Mass., or San Antonio, Texas. Your Trek BBS profile says Michigan.
Thank you! The film will be a standalone feature, approximately two hours long. The production is based in Jackson, Michigan. Please let me know if there's any other information I can provide for you

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This looks terrific. The green-screen/CGI shots of the bridge in the video blog were incredibly impressive. It looks like you're being very deliberate, but also working quickly, which is an amazing combination.

Look forward to hearing and seeing more about this.
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words. Now, if only it seemed I was moving quickly to ME! :P

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Just added you to both Facebook groups. There are a lot of actual film makers who will help you and share information.


Thank you, Alec!
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