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Re: Forced perspective, painted backdrops and the refit Enterprise

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However, in the case of TOS the engine tubes were mis-photographed so many times that we really have little choice but to interpret them as part of a short triangular wedge-shaped engine component, rather than the long structure they were originally intended to represent.
We do? No.

How many times did what was on the other side of the fence have a bearing on the plot? Zero? It's zero, right, so I don't have to take any of what I see on the screen literally or at face value. It wasn't until TAS that the characters got to walk among anything like "the tubes".

Another example, the drawing of the Enterprise on the plaque by the bridge turbolift had engines that were out of proportion. It was there the whole series. Do I have to accept that that was what was really there in-universe?

For examples of glitches with respect to the ship exterior that were present for the whole series, what about the globes at the end of the nacelles that were sometimes there or not, or the size of the deflector dish, and so on?

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