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with the exception of disappointing T'Pau's absence.
Since we don't know if T'Pau survived the canonical demise of Vulcan in the new timeline, the IDW writers may have been asked not to include her. You did get T'Pring. Maybe they wanted to feature both, but got one?
It was nice to see T'Pring but she is essentially a generic Vulcan who inevitably had to be cast in the role of 'love interest' or rather 'logic interest' in the context of Amok Time. T'Pau on the other hand is a legendary mature woman in a position of considerable power without being sexualised or linked to a male character at all.

We've had cameos from several admirals and commodores who survived the changes to the timeline. I thought initially that they were keeping T'Pau out of the comics because they wanted to use her in the sequel but that wasn't the case. It's just disheartening that one of the few female leaders in TOS is still absent after several Vulcan-centered stories and to date I've seen no story elements that might have benefitted from her dying off camera. Her absence is curious.
I thought T'Pring was really interesting in a fairly brief role. She's a woman with little power, as apparently is the fate of Vulcan women in marriage, but she takes what little power she has and works the hell out of it. The challenge before the wedding is her one chance to escape a marriage she doesn't want, and she lays out her plans so that no matter how things work out, she's going to get what she wants. Even Spock compliments her on her flawless logic, although I think you could still read a subtext of disapproval from him, which is delicious irony coming from Spock.
T'Pau would be interesting to use, but I can understand why the movie people may not want to let the comics use her first, wanting to keep their options open with her.
I do think the discussion of gender and diversity in the TOS/reboot/comics is interesting. I think that there should be room in the cast for Chapel and Rand. I'm only just started to collect the comic trades. Have the IDW comics included any gay characters? I'm still disappointed that the movies continued the franchise's "no homo" policy, at least as far as tv and movies go. The books have become more inclusive, and I really appreciate that, a lot. It's nice to have gay diversity in the novels even if we still can't get it onscreen. I'll be continuing to collect the comics either way, but yeah, I'd be pleased to have some inclusion in the comics too.
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