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Re: Forced perspective, painted backdrops and the refit Enterprise

Thanks Bob, and that error has now been corrected. In my meagre defence; them's a lotta quotes!
Incidentally, for anyone interested here is the full size pic of the engine room collage (complete with the torn floor panel in the top right).

Although I never proposed that the vertical engine tube was the result of a matte painting, I am fascinating to learn that it may in fact be a translight effect. I've often wondered about the apparent luminescence of the extended corridor and vertical tube camera shots (which I had assumed were mere well-painted backdrops/floordrops). However, this could explain a lot, not least the missing 2 feet in the lower engine room. What missing 2 feet? Well, in TNG the lower level was shown at being 7 feet tall, shown clearly in ST6. However, in the two shots I listed above, the floor seems considerably higher up, around 5 feet tall instead. The 2 feet below would presumably house the lighting equipment.

Christopher - as far at the refit goes, it mostly gets a bonus in terms of "squinting (not least because we saw so little of it). However, in the case of TOS the engine tubes were mis-photographed so many times that we really have little choice but to interpret them as part of a short triangular wedge-shaped engine component, rather than the long structure they were originally intended to represent.

Multiple engine rooms may help alleviate this problem, however...
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