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Re: June 2013 challenge: "Blaze of Glory"


Cobalt, may I recommend that you produce a new theme and give it a whirl this month?

After being away for several years (except for one misbegotten act last year), it just seems to me that a lot of people who used to submit regularly for contests have become so wrapped up in their personal story lines they have not entered anything in the contest.

Maybe the mods and/or site owner can help here by some kind of award for the chosen story each month/quarter/year/light year/time travel distortion. Once suggestion: maybe a note on the main forum page: A note congratulating the winner and pointing readers to that posted story? Or maybe there is some bling someone might have to give out to winners, like old Lost in Space memorabilia or something?

Please note: I am not voting for this post as an excellent post to read....

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