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^I can certainly attest to that. The place I'll be (probably) moving to in the new year has benchmarks around 1MB/s. Where I am now has fiber-optics so I can easily hit 10MB/s so naturally I'm not looking forward to the downgrade. It's not as if it's the back of beyond either. Only a few miles (like 3 or 4) outside of a city. I also know from my old job that there are areas of the UK that are still using the old copper wires laid in the 1940's and signal quality so bad it's not even funny.

The reason TV became so ubiquitous was that the only infrastructure required on the consumer's end was mains electricity. Now granted there are probably still some isolated spots even in Europe & North America that still aren't on the grid, but it's safe to say that by the 50's, coverage was more or less 90% and up.

The same cannot be said for broadband, so yeah, I think it'll be a good decade before streaming becomes totally dominant. That is unless they find a way to overcome the latency issues inherent with satellite internet access.

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You've provided some beautiful graphics so far, and I bet you will do so again and soon
So far it's all been cut and paste from work I did for the wiki. I think I've exhausted the logos side of things and I'm hesitant to use screen grabs too much. I'm sure it'd be fine really, but I don't want the page getting in trouble over a copyright violation or unauthorized use of an actor's image.

Seriously, I'm open to suggestions!
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