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Re: #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

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I like the series, and wish it would receive an upgrade to HD (which is probably the most damaging factor to its current and future fate in syndication)
That's a very good point. Even if it was picked up for syndication, would it gain a significant number of viewers in its dated state? This isn't about what we think of the show, but about the initial impression a first timer might have.

But an HD upgrade isn't happening, so I wonder if our efforts might be better focused on streaming sites like Netflix? That seems like the perfect venue for older shows, especially ones that lend themselves to binge viewing like B5.

Jan said this campaign is "only about getting Babylon 5 back on television in reruns for now...perhaps with a side order of getting it on streaming sites, later." I'd be much more inclined to support an effort that reversed those priorities.

Because lets face it, streaming is the future of television. As for cable and network, Kosh said it best: "they are a dying people. We should let them pass."
Streaming maybe the future but it's at least a decade or more off. You need a fairly decent internet connection to abel to stream. Some areas still don't have broadband, even some with interent can barely stream a SD programme never mind HD.
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