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Re: Forced perspective, painted backdrops and the refit Enterprise

@ Mytran

Very interesting article! But I think you got some quotes mixed up in your first post - I advocated holo panels.

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King Daniel Into Darkness - Yeah, that floor painting is truly a piece of work!

So is your combination of two separate shots into an "IMAX" sized one.

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The floor painting turned up (partially) in TWOK as well, during Kirk's inspection of Engineering. As for what it looked like from other angles, wonder no more:
I'm not that sure, wasn't the "intermix tower" view down a genuine matte painting? (and those painted on FP struts on the studio floor mostly guidelines for this matte painting?). Had the whole thing been a matte painting that "crack" in the line half a level down (bottom right) probably wouldn't be there.

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